Tuesday, April 27, 2010

About Catherine Reinke Physic TAROT READER

I have been reading tarot cards most of my life. When asked by others how I got into this, I respond "I was really born with it". I look back at my childhood and remember how I loved to go off by myself, find a clearing in the woods, how I would just lay down looking at the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds for hours, finding shapes, watching them morph into birds of prey and bunny rabbits .In my mind I would project into nature, calling to the birds, and they would come, the wind would beckon and blow. I believed that it was with my mind, me alone, that moved the clouds to part so the suns rays could fall and warm my face and body. I instinctively gathered rocks and formed a circle for myself to lie in,this was how I spent my secret childhood afternoons. A secret that I have never shared until now. I was always pretty much a loner , and found my contentment in nature, exploring river beds, learning the names of plants and trees, I found and saw magic everywhere.
At around 16 years old or so, I developed a fascination with other peoples hands. I found myself comparing hands, memorizing one shape and noting how different it was from another.The square hand from the oval. I marveled at the wide differences in peoples thumbs, how some were short and others were long. I found myself finding certain hands beautiful and admirable and others frightening. (there is a murders thumb) I later learned that this art of hand reading is palmistry. This is another art that I have trained myself in. I will discuss this fascinating science at another time.

I was raised Lutheran, and it was in many ways strictly forbidden to have any interest in the occult whatsoever. I had learned pretty early on that it was the work of the devil. I have struggled for many years with this, as it was deeply ingrained in my upbringing from the churches teachings. My father, an avid reader, like myself, however, made a study of Magic, in my last year of High School. He hid his books and shared at the dinner table his stories of the evils he found in them. He read them to amour himself against these sinners.

I attended UW Madison Wisconsin and it was during this time that I drove head first into metaphysics. I purchased a Reider Waite deck and many books on the subject . I learned and hold the belief to this day, that this deck is the most effective in genuine psychic reading,at least it is for me.

I read them all, and was a dutiful self taught student. I obeyed what numerous books on the Tarot told me. Sleep with your cards for two years, I did. Wrap your cards in silk, I purchased a lovely blue and lavender large flowing tie dyed silk scarf from the a local Art fair artisan , which the same cards I purchased nearly 30 years still ago, rest in when not in use. I never let any one touch them unless I was doing a reading. My cards now are lovely, they are worn from use, and their physic energy is powerful as a result.


I obeyed the very hard to follow rule that I came across, and did not read for myself, OK I confess I did a couple of times. I learned my lesson quickly however that this is a very bad practice as the sprites, the energies that are present in physic phenomenon, can and often do, led you astray, play with you, give you conflicting information. This is why that this odd instruction to readers is given. It must be obeyed. It has been years and years since I did this, it was only in my training period that I did . I can not insit enough that if you are interested in becoming a reader you abide this simple request.
I read the books, cover to cover. I took notes. I tried to learn all the images and their meanings, both upright and upside down and in relation to the other cards. This was like a mini collage course for me. There is allot to remember. I easily found willing souls whom I could practice with, I always had my trusty book with me and we would explore the meaning of the cards together. After I felt that I really knew the cards meanings, I put my books away. Now I would spend time with my cards. I would lie down, burn some incense, play soft new age music and look at each card, feel each card, and find what I sawin each card. This was one of the most important aspects of my training. I spent a full 2 years in this process, no kidding.
I am a very self critical person. I had to be really ready before I would try or attempt a reading without books and for a charge. My first step was a reading without my books and preferably with someone whom I had not practiced on. Again, it was easy to find a subject. It went very well, I was in many ways frightened and unsure,yet I realized right away how important this work was. I sensed the vulnerability in the person who I was giving the reading to, how they NEEDED guidance and reassurance.

Internet gave me confidence
of my abilities
I found when I gave my readings , that I was inside of myself ,unsure and often hesitant to say what impression that I was picking up from the cards. When I would touch the card, a strong image of something that I did not feel comfortable saying to the client would appear. I felt very compled to say this but it did not appear in the books and these impressions did not make sense to me. I am self taught and did not have any one that I could go to with this.
Then one day, when chat rooms had just come out, I found a new age room, I let others know that I was a reader, one thing led to another and I offered a free reading to those who wished it. This was life changing for me in regards to my confidence and progress as a physic. I asked a few questions, while I was asking I shuffled the cards, I honestly didn't believe that it would even work, I believed that I needed the energy from the person to go into the cards for an effective reading. I was wrong. Physic energy travels threw anything, including time.
I laid out my spread, as before, the impressions that I would receive came to me and this time, I thought "What could it hurt to just simply let them know?" they could not see me, I did not know them, what the heck, I would give it a try. I was stunned, as were the people on the receiving end. I was picking up life events that went beyond the reading. I knew that someones father had recently died, another was pregnant, someones boyfriend was verbally and physically abusive, on and on it went. I only did this for a few days and never did it again. I knew from that moment on, that I needed to listen and trust those inner voices and pass them on to my clients. My confidence was established. I knew that I was no charlatan. I was authentic and could justify taking money from others for the services I could provide.
It was during this time in my life that I opened a retail store called THE MAGIC GARDEN, it sold my homemade soaps, essential oil products, bath and body, incense and a variety of new age items. I offered Tarot readings in the upstairs up apartment of this down town store housed in a historical building complete with hard wood floors, tin ceilings and lovely vintage floral wallpapers.
The word traveled quickly in this smaller collage town of Oshkosh Wisconsin, and both the city newspaper and collage paper wrote about my talents. ( I hope I can find these articles on the web I have not yet looked but I would love to find the links and share them with you, I have them all, but they have been framed and it would be hard for me to take them out of their frames and scan them on the computer. I wish to share them with you however, because it is not ust a claim, it is a fact that papers and even the TV have felt it worthy to inform the public about my abilities) In fact it seems that wherever I live, the local media picks up on me. After moving to Wausau Wisconsin, channel 7 , came to my home and did an interview about my readings.
I begin every reading with my little established ritual, I light at least three incense sticks, a candle, I open my special suitcase where Ia keep my cards and gently unroll from the silk my three card sets, The Symbolon, The Goddess Guidance oracle cards and the Reider-Waite Tarot cards. I hold the cards first, and begin to dialogue with my client, asking them what they are concerned about or what they need guidance with. I let them know that a yes or no question is not what the Tarot is here for, that is another matter and is held for the pendulum.

I suggest that a question be framed something like this WHAT IS THE FUTRUE FOR ME IF
I CHOOSE TO STAY WITH THIS MAN, TAKE THAT JOB, MOVE TO THIS CITY? I can show the probable outcome of this choice, give possible warnings and insight to what making that decision will have on your life.

Once we have the question firmly in mind, and after I have asked related questions to their concern, I put the cards down( I am actively shuffling them at this time, not like a card dealer does, I move them , the cards are in my left hand , the right moves them front to back) I then close my eyes and evoke the four archangels, Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.

When I owned my store THE MAGIC GARDEN I came across the SYMBOLON deck, which has become invaluable to me. I use this deck in conjunction with the Reider Waite. Ofter I have read the cards from the spread, I shuffle these cards, have my client cut the deck (when doing a phone reading,
I have them say "stop" after a brief mediation) and place the cards over the first cards. These cards give additional information. The cards are as the name implies, highly symbolic. The imagery is fantastic. I suggest these cards, I highly recommend these cards.

I later found the Doreen Virtue GODDESS GUIDANCE ORACLE CARDS fairly recently in my reading career, in the last five years. I found them here in Wausau. I pull one card (for women only) at the beginning of a reading to find the Goddess energy that is influencing the present situation. This has been a wonderful addition to my readings as it is truly amazing how these have never failed me. The UNDYING love card will come up before we even begin a reading that is all about a love that persists through years and years. It has been interesting for me to see the intial reaction of my clients when I have them pull one of these beautiful gold gilded cards. I read the various meanings out of the book, the only time I ever use a book. (no one wants a reading from someone who reads from a book!) I can sense often the thoughts of my client, what is this about?"Great she is using a book!" "What does it mean?". Then during the reading I will refer to the Goddess card that was pulled showing its relevance and influence in her reading. Often times, she will write the name of the Goddess down and do research on her to learn more about her influences. For those who wish to know my Goddess is Basset. The cat lady for sure!
I do not and will not end a reading until it is finished.I don't care if I go over with my costs and will not ask for more money.I know when a reading is completed. My client is equipped with new tools to face his/her situation, they feel better about what they are facing. There is renewed hope with them and a sense of I can do it, or I can make it. Always and I rarely use this word, I am only reinforcing what the client already knew deep down but did not want to face. A true physic can read this and bring it forward, the fact that a total stranger knows something that they have kept hidden from even themselves, is empowering . It must be true. It is true

.Physic phenomenon has its roots in physics.
In conclusion, I wish to explain a little of what is going on, how one can see the past and know the future. At least know THE MOST probable future. At any time, there exists a multitude of possibilities. This is Quantum physics at its very heart. Now some of these possibilities have a higher probability. For example it is possible that today you could find your true love. It is and becomes highly improvable if you don't leave your home, or make any attempt to reach out. The likely hood, in the event you are looking for love, is that you will not find it. this has been overly simplified and many lives are much more complex. Yet Tarot and psychic reading is much like this, being able to read those probabilities and see which path you are presently pursing. Equipped with this information, those possibilities change tragically. Our future is constantly changing, we are forming it daily with our thoughts and deeds.
I have often said that being able to see the future is no different than truing a radio station to a certain dial to receive information. The past present and future all exist on one point in time, we simply need to turn the dial a bit to see it. Yes we all have the ability. It is very useful to get a view of where you are headed given what you are doing now. Can you change the future? Yes: change what you are doing now. I can help guide you in a direction that you hope to manifest by giving outcomes and possibilities to make an informed decisions.
I give readings over the phone for $25.00 for approx, 45 minutes threw my two on line stores
etsy and artfire. Check feedback on both stores for how happy my clients have been with the results.