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Aromatherapy uses of lavender, emotional benefits to motion sickness

Essential oil of Lavender

"Essential oil is the term given to a volatile oil that occurs naturally in aromatic plants and is extracted by distillation. Essential oils have been called the healing life force of plants because they contain many of the plants’ healing nutrients such as trace minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes and more." (

Did you know that over 160 different substances have been identified by chemists from wild lavender,
the healing power is complex due to the combination of substances.

It has been used in Greece and Rome as a disinfectant for sick rooms and hospitals. The Latin name Lavandula comes from meaning "to wash" from the Latin, Lavare.

Associated with the planet Mercury it helps balance extreme mood swings, being helpful for those with manic depression and other psychological problems such as insomnia, stress, depression nervousness melancholy., fear, and irritability.


Add the oil to a massage carrier oil (such as olive, almond or sunflower oil) to help relieve the body of muscle tension and overwhelming thoughts. Put it in a spray bottle, with water and spray your bed sheets before sleeping, this is one of my favorite uses.

I once read that men find this the most desirable of all the scents on a women. Certainly history favored the oil. Our grandmothers were exposed to nearly every cologne water that contained lavender oil.

Lavender stimulates the gastric juices and is very useful for motion sickness, just breath in the vapor right from the bottle, or place a bit of the oil on your forehead .

Every skin type benefits from the use of lavender. Especially dry skin and is preferred in the treatment for acne. This oil is great when combined with tea tree. I wash my face with lavender water, I mix my own and use a cotton ball to clean and refresh my face. It is a lovely way to start off the day.

Moths dislike this smell, soak a cotton ball with lavender oil and place it in your closet, plus all of your clothes will smell great.This is also a great idea to do for your bed lines, drawers or blanket chests.

Here is a quick chart for your reference of the Physical benefits

  1. antispasmodic
  2. pain relieving
  3. diuretic
  4. healing
  5. insect repellent
  6. heart strengthening
  7. motion sickness
  8. sprains

It is helpful for the following Conditions or Aliments

  1. burns,wounds
  2. insect bites
  3. eczema's,dermatitis
  4. fever
  5. herpes
  6. ear infections
  7. headache
  8. athletes foot
  9. nervous heart
  10. boils
  11. asthma
  12. depression
  13. anxiety
  14. leg ulcers

lavender is considered one of the most versatile oils that are used therapeutically.

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