Monday, April 13, 2009

The card of the 'Fool' from the Rider Waite Deck. Its meaning.

Its Meaning in a reading

Often times when the fool card comes up in a reading one is filled with a sense of shame, for who wants to be associated with being foolish? As with all the cards, one needs to look closely at the imagery. Also remember the days of the Kings court, where it was the fool who entertained the court, who advised and revealed his wisdom through sarcasm and wit.

When this card turns up it often times, depending on its location and the question asked, is a warning. The fool looks up at the blue sky, he breaths in the fresh air and is enjoying himself, he is optimistic about his journey ( As indicted by the familiar hobo pack of taking a trip on his shoulder) yet he does not look down at his dog barking franticly at him. What is the dog trying to do? Trying to tell him? The dog is attempting to get his masters attention. The fool is in a dreamlike state, daydreaming about his new future, how much better things will be .

The fool does not see, however, that he is about to walk off the edge of the cliff before him, to his peril. This is our warning. Depending on the question, and the cards location, the person receiving the reading is being warned, to keep there eyes open before embarking on their new journey or relationship. It is very important to have an optimistic approach in your endeavors, but also be aware of what could go wrong. Listen to your gut reaction and intuition. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Look at the possible pitfalls that lie before you. If you are aware of them, it is more likely that you will not fall victim to them.

If the fool listens to his friend the dog ( the reader should advise that he/she solicit the opinion of their friends and consider their input) , he would look and see the cliff he is about to approach. He would take measures not to fall in. He would take an different route, look for a bridge. It does not necessarily prevent him from his journey. One should not give up just because they face an obstacle. Find the solution. One can make the choice to climb down the cliff and then back up again. If in a reading one is asking about a new relationship, let them know it will be faced with possible ups and downs and certain complicatedness.

If the card is revered, then the fool is looking to the ground, is aware of the obstacles in front of him, has his eyes wide open, is considering the advice of his friends. In this sense it is a favorable card for the person receiving the reading.


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